Monday, July 22, 2013


Apparently my blog has been viewed recently 15 times from someone in Russia. 

Здравствуйте и добро пожаловать!

Anywho, lol. I don't know if they can read these or not but I suppose it matters not. 

What matters is a few things actually. 

I've refrained from writing about my personal life because of the simple fact that at the moment, it's really pointless as I write my own journal every night so I've mainly focused this blog on world events and what my reactions are to them. 

Current News:

Dennis Farina (Played Detective Joe Fontana on Law and Order) passed away today at the age of 69. Apparently this sad news wasn't as exciting as that cast member of "Glee" who died of a drug overdose. In any event, I'll miss you Detective Fontana. I especially loved Mr. Farina in Snatch. If you've never watched that movie, I would highly recommend it. It's a great flick. Farina was also a Chicago native, which is another real good reason why I really liked the guy. I'm always pulling for the home boys. RIP Mr. Farina. 

Dennis Farina Dies at age 69

I would also like to share with the interwebs a very interesting video that I came across this morning when I was surfing around youtube. I've been following the works of "Anonymous" ever since they kind of teamed up with the Occupy movement and apparently there's supposed to be this huge demonstration at The White House on November 5th. Which is ironically Guy Fawkes Night or "Bonfire Night" for our friends in the United Kingdom. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Guy Fawkes, I'd suggest watching the movie "V for Vendetta" but if you're feeling lazy, here's the short version thanks to wiki

Guy Fawkes Night

I will be following this event closely to see what else these guys are up to. But before I go off on a huge tangent, I wanted to stick to my original message for today. On their youtube channel I found a video that I really didn't expect to see on their channel and it really has made me think hard today. 

In life, we always paint ourselves out to be the victims of the worst incidents. We always forget there's someone out there who have it 100 times worse than we do. I, myself, have been a victim of this lately as well. I've been trying so hard to turn it all around and be more positive about my life and my situation to no avail. Until TODAY when I saw this video. 

Tonight, I share it with all of you. 
Tonight, I will lay in my bed and be thankful for what my life is.
I will also be thankful for just being here and breathing.
I will be praying I wake up tomorrow and continuing to breathe, most importantly, live.

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